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iSDR as Panadapter

Many modern amateur radio transceivers provide easy access to the Intermediate Frequency (IF) signal, or In-phase/Quadrature (I/Q) signals, generated by the radios internally. Using either IF or I/Q it is possible to utilize your Apple device running iSDR to function […]

Wi-Fi Radio Control

This optional feature is available for purchase within the iSDR app. Wi-Fi Radio Control is for Amateur Radio operators and experimenters who use iSDR as a panadapter for their radio receiver, and would like to add touchscreen tuning to their panadapter experience. A video […]

Portable SDR

Could this be the smallest complete QSD-type software-defined receiving station in the world? If not, it is still a lot handier than lugging along a laptop! Pictured is iSDR running on the following hardware setup: 1. Custom-made 80m direction finding antenna […]

A Yahoo group has been created for those interested in learning and sharing on topics related to portable SDR operation. You can subscribe by clicking the link above.

iSDR and the KX3

An iOS device running iSDR makes an excellent panadapter for an SDR radio receiver providing baseband I/Q output signals for such purposes. The Elecraft KX3 is one such receiver. Watch the video (thanks to WD9E) for information on how to connect […]

Stereo Microphone Adapters

Solutions for getting stereo microphone signals into the iOS products varies from one Apple device to another, and over time those solutions have evolved along with the iOS product lines. A little history: In the early days iPod touch and […]

RF Front Ends

The RF front end is the device that goes between the receiving antenna and the audio input (microphone input) of your Apple device. The RF front end is what determines which radio frequencies you will be able to listen to. […]

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