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Track-n-Trail NC provides all the super track-creation and trail-following features of Make My Trail. In addition Track-n-Trail includes built-in trails for, and details on, some of the best hiking and biking trails in the Triangle region of North Carolina, and a helpful parking locations overlay. It also features a built-in high-contrast base map covering all the trails, letting you see where you are even if you are out of network coverage. 

Wondering where to park your vehicle? This app has you covered. Enable the parking overlay, select your destination trail from the Trail Table, then identify the best parking lot from which to launch your trail excursion. Tap the parking lot of your choice, and select the turn-by-turn directions button that pops up. The Apple-provided Maps app will launch with your start and destination locations identified – just press “Start” to get audible turn-by-turn driving directions. 

Track-n-Trail Parking2

Once you arrive at the parking lot return to the Track-n-Trail NC app to get trail-following navigation assistance.

Click the help button to view the same help document you’ll find inside the app:



Battery Life Notice: Track recording continues even when you have the app minimized. Recording your track with the app minimized drains the battery more slowly than if you record your track with the app running in the foreground – nevertheless the battery will drain much faster than not recording your results at all. Bottom line: always minimize the app in order to extend battery life. Just remember that recording your track drains the battery more quickly, and the battery drain will remain higher than normal even when the app is minimized. (Native Settings provides a “Record in Background” setting which can be used to disable background track recording.)

Note: step count is approximate, and accuracy is degraded if your device is not attached securely to your body.


Help for Track-n-Trail

A detailed help document is available within the Track-n-Trail app. You can access it by tapping your current locationand then select the Help Button:  You can view the same document by clicking the Help Button image above.

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